Hello wine lovers and aspiring connoisseurs! I'm thrilled to share the story behind Cork & Compass, where we uncork a whole new approach to wine tastings. I'm Tim, the passionate mind behind the scenes, and today, I'm excited to take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of how we're bringing together the worlds of exclusivity and accessibility in the most enjoyable and enlightening way possible. So, let's dive in and discover the magic that happens when luxury, knowledge, and a good time come together in every glass.



What is your background and how did this inspire you to create wine tasting adventures that combine exclusivity with adventurous fun?

During my judo career, I have always wanted to stand in front of a group and teach. Over the years, my passion for food and wine developed. After organising many dinners with friends all centered around wine and food, I knew for sure; I have to do something with this! The world of wine can sometimes be a bit dusty, and I want to change that. A wine tasting should be a fantastic experience where everyone can have fun and enjoy. I like to approach wine tastings with exclusivity because I love to pamper others, and I also love to be pampered myself.


How would your friends describe you?

Some friends call me a Golden Retriever, lots of energy, often happy and an open and caring person. My friends know me as someone with an enormous passion for wine and I can sometimes talk about it for hours, maybe a bit too long sometimes.


Who are the tastings intended for?

For everyone who enjoys a relaxed atmosphere; a fun evening with friends, an informative outing with the company or those who simply want to gain more knowledge about wine, while having a great time!


How do you want people to feel and think, leaving your tasting?

When you leave the tasting you should leave with ecstasy! My goal is for you to have a fantastic evening with the people around you. I really like you to leave the tasting with new information, but above all that you have a happy feeling.


How did you select the range of exclusive wines for this shop?

Since I was 18, I started to delve deeper into wines. I have been looking for new wines every week for years, looking for the real gems. This is a selection of my absolute favourites that have meant a lot to my passion for wines.


How do you see the role of Cork & Compass in redefining the conventional expectations of wine tastings?

With Cork & Compass it is really my goal to give people a fantastic experience where you also learn something. I like to share my passion for wine and want to ensure that it becomes more accessible through a relaxed and fun atmosphere. From my perspective, food and drinks connect with people - how nice is it to do that while learning something new, and having a great time all at once? An incredible experience to share with others!